Noxcivis Field Toolkit

The Noxcivis Field Toolkit (NFT) is a free and open interface that allows forensic examiners and collection teams to collect information from a computer. Noxcivis will maintain the catalog of references to third party website and this catalog can be refreshed via the tool, or manually downloaded. Download Coming Soon   The NFT is licensed as GNU General Public License.    

Forensics Guide

This page provides walkthroughs of forensic collections of, but not limited to… Full Disk   Memory   Activity   Network Traffic     New guides and categories will be added over time.  Consider this a living document.  

Forensics Field Tools

Tools for in-field forensics collections Multiple tools can be found in a managed forensics catalog here on this website. Notable items are.. Plainsight Kali Linux Volatility Digital Forensics Dramework (DFF) CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) Live Response Collection – Bambiraptor Build Learning, Training and Further Reading The Noxcivis Forensics Guide [Featured] Memory Forensics With Volatility Memory Forensics and Analysis Using Volatility