Dealing With Malware

Admin and Profile

Using the Internet while logged in as an administrator of the system dramatically increases the potential for a machine-wide infection.  You should have an administrator account but should never surf the Internet with that account.  Create a standard user account and login with that account.  If you ever need to install software you can either runas that administrator account or temporarily log off the standard user account and perform the install under the administrator account.

Dealing With Malware - Admin and Profile

2.1 Being logged in as an administrator of a system allows malware to have almost unlimited power to infect the computer system.  It is highly recommended that you do not use a computer as a full administration, especially when surfing the Internet.

2.2 If you have access to another (non-administrator) profile on the computer you can potentially use that profile to clean the machine.

2.3 If you do have another user profile and can login as that account and the malware behavior is not seen then cleaning the machine from that profile is safer than trying to clean the machine while malware is running.  Malware often “fights back”, just in the same way as a virus in the human body does not want to be destroyed.


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