Dealing With Malware


This guide will not only provide you with resources to help deal with a malware infection but will also provide insight into the thought process involved in dealing with malware.


If you are reading this webpage and have an infected computer you should disconnect the network cable and disable wireless now.

Isolation is key to ensuring the threat does not spread (as in the case of a worm) or continue to upload your personal data to malicious websites.


If you’ve already read the following pages here are the links you probably want… Antivirus Software Antimalware Software Online Scanning Services   Note : In recent years antivirus vendors ran into legal issues with companies that distribute browser toolbars and other similar software addons that many people consider a nuisance, although some can be very malicious in nature.  For this reason antivirus software, by design does not always detect or clean all malware or PUPs.  This is why we need this additional category of malware.  Personally I consider any undesirable software on my computer to be malware.


Start the process…

Remember that at this point you should have disconnected both wired and wireless connectivity for the computer.

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