Spinrite, Drives and Hyper-V

Here is a walkthrough of using Spinrite, Microsoft Hyper-V and a USB or other non-local drive.  That being said this will also work quite well with a local / physical drive in the Hyper-V host too.

What you will need…

  • A machine capable of Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • A drive that will be visible in Windows Disk Management.  This can be a device that is connected via USB.
  • A purchased copy of Spinrite, licensed to you.

In my example I have a SATA drive in a USB connected enclosure.



The cable is connected to the first readily available USB port.



Disk Management

First, connect the drive and ensure it is visible in Computer Management > Disk Management.

Right click on the device (Disk 3 for me) and take the device Offline



See below for where this is…



Setup a new virtual machine in Hyper-V.


Now, open the Settings for the SPINRITE GUEST system and go to the unused IDE Controller and select Hard drive and press Add.

If you have correctly taken the drive Offline in Disk Management you should be able to access the disk and press Apply.


In my case I have the Spinrite ISO and point the second IDE Controller to the ISO image.

The End Result

Press OK

Boot the Hyper-V machine.

Use the awesomeness of Spinrite on your drive.

Up And Running