My Samsung Gear S3

Looking for a solid, reliable, fast, well build, Android watch with multi-day battery life ?

Then look no further than the Samsung Gear S3.

Some key points :

  • Battery life is excellent. It gets several days without issue between charges.
  • The docking station is really nice.
  • Build quality is solid. It has a density to it that makes it feel real and not cheap.
  • It’s buttery smooth to use.
  • I can pretend to be Inspector Gadget and receive and make phone calls and hold conversations through the watch.
  • The metallic rotating bezel is inspired and incredibly useful.
  • The display is crisp, vibrant and bright.
  • I have used it about 10 times now to pay in stores (Samsung Pay) where the cashier typically says “Our payment system does not currently work with… oh, look, it worked ! The transaction went through“.

Front View

The rotating metal bezel is smooth, functional and is a key aspect in the day to day use of the watch.

The Charging Dock

Love the satisfying magnetic adhesion to the dock.

The Strap

The strap (that I chose) is a very thick rubber and feels comfortable on the skin.  The mechanism to remove a strap and replace with a new one is simple to use.

Samsung Pay

Finally, an NFC watch that works with any payment system.  In stores with only the standard magnetic card swipe area you just hold the watch close to that area and wait for the beep.


Apps are uncomplicated and easy to use.








Love this watch !  It really is and does everything I want.  The only minor aspect that I was not overly happy with is that in order to install Samsung Pay (and other Samsung apps) you have to allow apps on your phone (albeit temporarily to install them) non-Google Play Store locations.