COSORI Pro Smart Air Fryer 5.8QT - Missing Screws
COSORI Pro Smart Air Fryer 5.8QT - Missing Screws
Social Networking
Looking for one or more social media places to call
My Home Network
With working from home during 2020 I wanted to invest
Setting up Outlook with local Autodiscover
The Problem Ideally the modern Outlook setup process uses a
Podcasts I recommend.
Forensics Field Tools
Tools for in-field forensics collections Multiple tools can be found
Some really exciting things coming out of Google and I
Grace Hopper
Read about the amazing Grace Hopper.
Grace Hopper
I remember working with FORTRAN and COBOL at college, all those years ago.  The beauty, elegance and genius of those languages haunts me to this day when using other development languages. Thank you to Grace Hopper for giving us these languages.
Google Inactive Account Manager
Add one or more trusted contacts to share data with if you don't access your account for the specified time.