GSuite Integration – A Plea To Google

Some really exciting things coming out of Google and I continue to be a passionate user of Google technology and am deeply immersed in the Google ecosystem.

I would plead on behalf of myself and the many thousands (an underestimate) of GSuite paying customers who cannot use their GSuite account with services such as Google Home and Allo.  These dedicated and loyal paying customers continue to be blocked from and locked out of using things that they eagerly pay for.  So, my plea, if anyone at Google is listening, is to not continue making GSuite customers have LESS integration with Google products and services than consumer GMail accounts.

Here is an ongoing conversation of GSuite paying customers that illustrates part of the bigger issue!msg/play/86WVa8b_3i4/7xKcAqWnAgAJ.

My Amazon Echo can provide me calendar information from my Google GSuite account yet my Google Home device cannot.

My Allo app on my Nexus 6p Google Fi phone cannot provide anything from my GSuite account and forces me to use a GMail consumer account, which does not have any calendar information !


So, Google, GSuite Team, et al, please resolve this integration issue.  You are frustrating customers and losing people who actually pay money for their Google GSuite accounts.

Thanks for reading…