How to Recover An Apple Computer
Mac Mini bricked by Yosemite. How to recover from a Time Machine backup.
Windows 10 Technical Preview
Pictures from the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a Hyper-V
Opt Out of Magazines and Credit Offers
Opt Out of Magazines and Credit Offers
Opt out of receiving catalogs, magazines and other mail offers.
Twitter Location
Twitter Location Privacy
Protect your location privacy when using Twitter.
Supress Java Sponsor Offers
Disable the offer to installed sponsored products with Java.
LastPass : The Ultimate Password Manager
LastPass is a password manager that allows you to have a unique password for every website on the Internet. You only need to remember a single master password to access them all.
Should I Remove It?
Cleaning up your old (or new) computer
Sometimes you need to clean up software on a new or old PC. Use this free software to see what other people are uninstalling and if it makes sense for you to remove software about your computer that you have been unsure about.
How Secure Is My Password?
How Secure Is My Password?
Choosing a high quality but memorable password.
Spinrite, Drives and Hyper-V
A guide of how to use Spinrite with Microsoft Hyper-V. This example uses a USB drive.